Job Description - Vehicle Salesperson

Job Description - New and Used Vehicle Salesperson


Satisfies the transportation needs of vehicle purchasers, by selling vehicles at dealership gross profit, volume, and customer satisfaction standards similar to dealership averages.

Essential Duties include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

Sells and delivers a minimum of five (5) vehicles per month.  Establishes sales goals and personal income goals that are consistent with dealership standards of productivity, and devises a strategy to meet those goals; and exhibits a high level of commitment towards training and continuous improvement.  Remember, you are a salesperson and will receive compensation for your results.  It is not how many hours you put into the work but how much work you put into the hours.

Approaches, greets, and offers assistance or direction to any customer who enters the dealership showroom or sales lot by using the "30 Foot Rule", if you are within 30 feet, you'd better greet them.  Also, takes phone "ups" consistently as calls come into the dealership.

Utilizes dealership sales control and follow-up system (ADP-CRM) on all customers.  Inputs all contact information into CRM and completes assigned tasks daily; and also enters business contact information into BusinessLink.  Maintains an owner follow-up system that encourages repeat and referral business and contributes to customer satisfaction. 

Maintains a prospect development system, both inside and outside the dealership.  Contact customers from lists provided by the manufacturer, like Target Direct Mail (TDM), Lease Loyalty, and Maturity, etc.  Compiles lists of prospective customers or sales leads from newspapers, business directories, chamber of commerce, or other sources.  Set an action plan to call and/or visit area businesses and individuals to show them our products and discuss our services.  Use all reasonable methods of prospecting on a daily basis by phone, email, or direct contact.

Contact our Service Department daily to see if there are any customers who have expressed an interest or have a need for a new or pre-owned vehicle, due to mechanical breakdown, total vehicle loss due to collision, or a large repair bill.

Assists customers in selecting a vehicle by utilizing the dealership questionnaire and then listening carefully to their responses.  Explains fully product performance, application, and benefits to prospects.
Always create an alternative for the customer, ie: offer pre-owned and new vehicles. 

Describes all optional equipment available for customer purchase, including accessory items, ie: Paint, Fab, Rust Protection Packages, along with MOPAR accessories that are "pre-loaded" on stock units and shown on the invoice addendum.  Also mention that additional Service Contracts are available and will be reviewed with the customer by the Business Manager.

Stays abreast of current and available inventory for sale, through the dealership's websites, computer systems & inventory reports, including other Mahalak Auto Group dealerships; and possesses the ability to locate specialty vehicles at other locations.

Offers test-drives to all prospects.  Test-drives offer the biggest impact and it is our policy that the salesperson ride with prospect/customer, whenever possible, for a safe and effective demo ride.  Follows dealership procedure to obtain proper identification from customer prior to test drive.

Understands and communicates information relating to purchase plans (ie: Employee or Friends) and leasing programs. Keeps abreast of current marketing campaigns, including incentives and print/media advertising.  Keeps abreast of new products, features, accessories, etc., and their benefits to customers.  Have good knowledge of our dealership websites, the manufacturer's websites, and other social media info.

Attends, or completes online, product and sales training courses as requested by sales manager and/or required by Chrysler Corp.

Knows and understands the federal, state, and local laws which govern retail automobile sales, OAG (Office of Attorney General) and Privacy Act compliance, including the Red Flags Rule.  Also, state and/or federal tax advantages (ie: IRS 179, etc.).

Ensures that the sales manager and/or sales director is allowed an opportunity to meet each customer - sold or not - before the customer leaves.  Also, reviews working deals and credit applications with Sales Manager(s) and Business Manager(s) daily, to determine how we can best meet our customers' needs.

Turns 100 percent of closed deals to the Business Manager, within 15 minutes of consummation of deal (whether closed in showroom, phone, or internet); along with properly completed paperwork (insurance information, trade title, etc.)

Writes complete sales orders and processes accurate paperwork in accordance with established dealership sales processes and policies; and takes corrective action if mistakes are made.  Work hard every day with integrity.  Be honest with everyone and take responsibility for your actions. 

Prepares sold vehicles for customer delivery prior to customer arrival, along with final inspection prior to delivery.  Make sure vehicle is cleaned, contains a full tank of gas/fuel, and ensure that all vehicle equipment is operational prior to delivery.

Performs a vehicle delivery to customers, ensuring that the customer understands the vehicle's operating features, warranty and paperwork.  Complete the appropriate delivery checklist and have customer sign it.

At time of sale/delivery, salesperson will perform a "Customer Intro" walk to Service Department and Parts Department and schedule first service appointment (Lube/Oil/Filter Change) if customer resides within 30 miles of our dealership.  Introduces customers to service and parts department personnel to emphasize to them the quality and efficiency of service repairs and maintenance available in the service department; and parts, accessories, and merchandise available in the parts department.  Provide the customer a Service Department Menu or Brochure.

Follows up on all post delivery items: tag/title work, "we-owes", and special requests to be sure that all customer expectations are met and/or exceeded.  Do not over-promise and under-deliver.  The best and worst form of advertising can be word of mouth or the internet, social media, etc.

Follow up phone call with previous day customers that visited the Service Department and perform a "Service Satisfaction Survey".  Also ask if there are any other household vehicles we could service for them, most any make or model vehicle.  Take this opportunity to inquire if they have any vehicles for sale, which we could purchase for our Pre-Owned Vehicle Department.

Reviews and analyzes actions at the end of each day, week, month, and year to determine how to better utilize time and plans more effectively.  Exhibits a willingness to improve knowledge and skills, which lead to better performance.  Manage your priorities not just time.

Attends and participates in sales meetings, as scheduled, daily.  Role playing one on one, phone training, and vehicle walk-arounds will be done periodically.  Listen to your recorded calls for improvement.

Recommends to the Sales Manager for both New and Pre-Owned Departments vehicles with certain features or colors (based on customers requests) to ensure we are stocking the best vehicles in our inventory.

Assists in maintaining the appearance/safety of the Sales Lot and Showroom, and keeps the office areas clean.  Assists in maintaining a professional display of vehicles and merchandise (balloons, banners, etc.); and seasonal maintenance, as necessary.

Maintains professional appearance and attitude.  Maintains an adequate supply of business cards and wears a company name badge every day while at work.
Exhibits a willingness to work in a team environment, sometimes going beyond what is expected of you; and a willingness to attend company functions and sales promotions, which are held within and outside the dealership, when necessary. 

Please refer to Mahalak Automotive Group Employee Handbook and the Salesperson Deal Checklist for additional policies and procedures.

Internet Sales

Responds to internet customer inquiries as quickly as possible usually within one (1) business hour.  Communicates effectively with internet customers and/or prospects according to their preferred method of communication, whether by phone, e-mail, or in person.

Directs customers to product information resources, including those available on the internet through the dealership website(s) and/or manufacturers' brand websites.

Understands the psychology of internet customers and works with them accordingly to encourage them into the store for proper vehicle demonstration and to close the transaction.

Checks e-mail frequently and responds to inquiries immediately.  Delivers messages intended for other departments promptly.  Notifies customers that their messages have been forwarded to the appropriate personnel for prompt attention.

Coordinates internet promotions with other dealership sales promotions and advertising.

Researches auto-buying services on the internet and acts as liaison with any services the dealership uses to promote its site or advertise.

Marginal Duties include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

Work Environment
The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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