Job Description - Service Tech

Dispatches Service Department work assignments to the most qualified technician.
Supervises and verifies repair work performed by Service Department technician team.

Diagnoses vehicle problems based on customer complaints and inspection.

Communicates with Parts Department to obtain needed parts.

Tags and returns warranty parts to parts dept. immediately following repair.

Tags and returns all customers parts to the customer unless otherwise advised.

Documents all work performed and recommended on the repair order complying with dealership and manufacturer requirements.

Road tests vehicles as required, verify all repairs are completed correctly.

Ensures that customer's cars are kept clean. Immediately notifies service advisor of anything that has happened to change the appearance or condition of the vehicle.

Assists assigned technician in accurate vehicle diagnosis. 

Examines vehicle to determine if further safety or service work is required or recommended.

Maintains ongoing communications with Service Advisor to advise if additional work is needed, if outlined work is not required, or if repairs cannot be completed within the required time. 

Assists Service Manager in evaluating skill level of technician team members.
The physical demands of the position are listed in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as:

The majority of time will be spent inside a dealership service environment with conditions consistent with those typically existing in such a facility.

The position does require that the incumbent have the capability to stand for extended periods of time.  Turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, wrists, and fingers, use of hand to eye coordination and the ability to lift fifty (50) pounds is also required.

The senses of sight and hearing are required along with the ability to speak.  The vision requirements in each area are that the incumbent must be able to shift in focus to and from computer screens and close forms as well as view the computer screens and forms with sufficient clarity to be able to read and interpret them to carry out the responsibilities and duties of the position. 

The physical and mental requirements associated with the position can be stressful. 
Possession of mathematical abilities at the level required to perform detailed diagnostic functions are critically important to success in this position.

Fluency in the English language (read, write, and speak) sufficient to read, write, analyze and interpret documents, correspondence and procedure manuals are required.
Reasoning ability (logic) is required to resolve routine customer service situations and problems at Monroe Dodge Chrysler, Inc.

Must possess a valid driver's license. 

Required:  High School Graduate

Preferred: A minimum five years of similar work experience in a dealership environment.  
Continued education and training certification may be required as a condition of continued employment. 

Must be a person who is focused on self-development and growth of the skills and knowledge needed to be effective and successful in this position. 

Must be able to effectively communicate with customers and employees of varying education levels.

The majority of the time (greater than 90%) will be spent in a dealership service environment, with associated noise and with limits on controlled temperature.  JOB

The employee is expected to work the assigned business hours at Monroe Dodge Chrysler, Inc.  The working hours required of this position may include extended schedules as necessary.  The person in this position is expected to work those hours needed, at the discretion of your Departmental Manager,  to successfully satisfy the responsibilities and duties of the position.  Compensation will be consistent with the pay structure reviewed and agreed to with your Departmental Manager and specified on the Employee Information Sheet. 

Maintain CHRYSLER certification and State of Michigan certification in at least five areas.   

Assist Service Manager in scheduling training for technicians.

Reports equipment defects or malfunctions in a timely manner to the Service Manager. 

Maintains and is accountable for all dealership-owned tools and manuals.  Returns them to the proper place and in the same condition as when they were received. 

Understands and complies with all applicable federal, state and local regulations including those related to hazardous waste disposal and OSHA Right-To-Know requirements. 

Operates all tools and equipment in a safe manner, and reports any safety issues immediately to the Service Manager. 

Maintains Group average at a minimum of forty (40) flat-rate hours per technician. 

Maintains an FFV rating of 80% based on manufacturer's monthly survey reports.  

Maintains a CSI of 89% as reported on manufacturer's monthly survey reports.

Good judgment was demonstrated in resolving internal and customer problems and concerns.

Has consistently displayed the ability to recognize and deal with priorities that impact service and operating functions at Monroe Dodge Chrysler, Inc.  

Was consistently punctual in reporting to and leaving work on designated and scheduled days.

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